Day in Malahide

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon, I took a quick Dart ride to Malahide to explore the small town and visit one of the oldest castles in Ireland. I wasn’t blown away by the town, but my experience at the castle was well worth the visit.

Malahide Castle

TIP: You buy tickets at the gift shop in the Visitor Centre, not at the castle entrance. To me, it was a bit hidden and I circled the place 3-4 times before I figured it out.

Once you purchase a ticket for a particular time, a tour guide takes you through the castle for about 45 minutes. At first I was disappointed that I couldn’t explore the castle on my own but the tour guide ended up being the main reason why I loved my visit. Usually I walk through a castle in Europe and have no idea what I’m even looking at. Here, I was able to learn about the history as I walked from room to room. The tour made the items and the castle so much more interesting!

Here are some facts that I found particularly fun:

  • The castle is haunted! One security guard once quit after two night shifts because of everything he heard.
  • Whenever someone important visits the castle, their portrait ends up on the wall (similar to what some restaurants do).
  • There is a painting in the castle of Baron and Rose Talbot as children. It fascinated me because no matter where you go in that room, it looks like the children are following you with their eyes. Definitely a bit creepy… but a must see!
  • A lot of items in the castle have influence from other countries. My favorites were the pineapples and grapes that were unknown to people in Ireland at the time but still carved into the beautiful ceilings of the castle.

This castle might be small but that’s what I liked about it. Unlike the castle in Copenhagen, it’s not overwhelming and you can actually enjoy everything and take it all in.



Malahide Gardens

Whenever I travel solo, I always have on headphones (listening to my newest obsessions on Spotify). And for once, I took my headphones off and I’m so glad I did! The garden was so peaceful and quiet. The only sounds around me were chirping birds and rustling nature. At one point, I thought the rustling was a snake… but it was just a little bunny! It’s a great place for a solo walk to enjoy a beautiful day!

TIP: There are two gardens that come with your tour of Malahide Castle.


Town of Malahide 

The town consisted of restaurants, pharmacies, and boutiques. Nothing really caught my eye, not even The Really Old Sweet Shop. If you’re interested in heading to Malahide yourself, I recommend taking a look through this guide for more information.

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